How To Register

1. Fill in student information on first page.

2. Please read through the waiver and sign and date the form, or have a parent or guardian sign and date for children under 18.

3. Find the classes you want to register for on the second page.

4. Circle the day and time for your class where appropriate, and fill in the class fees for Term I or Term II in the “Register” column. To register for both terms, add the class fees for Term I and Term II together, and enter that amount in the “Register” column.

5. Add class fees together, and enter the amount on the “Subtotal” line.

6. Take 10% off your class fees if you are taking more than one class (Multiple Class Discount) , or if you have two or more members of the same household taking classes (Family Discount).

7. Enter the “New Subtotal”, if applicable.

8. Please add the $30 Registration Fee to your subtotal. If you register for the full season before June 30 of the upcoming year and pay in full, we will waive your registration fee!

9. Please add 13% HST to the total including your Registration Fee.

10. Enter the amount including class fees, discounts if applicable, Registration Fee, and HST on the “Grand Total” line.

11. For credit card payments, please fill in credit card information. Please email your registration form to, and payments will be processed on your card once we receive your registration.

12. For etransfer payments, please email your registration form and send etransfers to 

13. For cheque payments, please print your registration form and mail it or drop it off with your cheques to: The SPACE, 932 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON  M4J 1L9. Please do not send cash by mail.

14. For cash payments, please book a registration appointment time by emailing

15. Thank you for registering for classes at The SPACE!